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UPS AND DOWNS – February Blog Post

“We learn to be flexible and come up with new ideas”

Lili is an Austrian ESC volunteer who is currently doing her project in Italy (Grenzenlos as her sending organisation). She works with children with disabilities. She started her one-year project in July 2020, when the covid situation was more relaxed and there were less restrictions. However, the situation changed and as we all know, the second wave of corona became reality.

The changing corona situation forced Lili to change activities both in work and in free time. In the work it was not possible to go out anymore and mask rules became stricter. Now all the activities have to be made covid-friendly.

In the summer Lili spent her free time traveling, taking part in different events, meeting many people and visiting bars and cafes. When restrictions tightened and lockdown started, she needed to find other things to do. Together with her closest friends they created the tradition of pyjama party at home on Fridays: watching movies in Italian and cooking together dishes from different countries.

Lili has also enjoyed taking more time for herself and focusing on the small good things, such as doing yoga, going out to enjoy sun or talking with friends. Good connection with friends and taking care of herself have also helped her when she has sometimes been feeling home-sick.

Altough the covid pandemic is a huge challenge and limits opportunities (especially meeting and connecting with people), Lili can still find something positive in this situation. Listen to Lili’s interview and hear more about her experiences!