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The project aim is to develop the capacity of consortia members to generate and disseminate knowledge regarding sustainability and social responsibility for the implementation of Sustainable Developments Goals policies.
In all activities are involved partners from five countries : Austria; Nepal; North Macedonia; Poland and Uzbekistan.
The common vision of the project consortia is progress for humankind through the implementation of the SDGs, the most ambitious global agenda ever seen: to end poverty, zero hunger, reduce inequality, and partnership for protecting the planet by 2030.
Focus is on arising knowledge for SDGs − Environmental, Economic and Social well-being for today and tomorrow;


By using the Digital marketing 8P’s approach, it will be easier to engage the target groups and stakeholders: Citizens; CSOs; Business community; Public authorities and Policy makers, to wider understanding and urgent implementation of the concept of SDGs and challenges in the Circular economy as an existential form of business behavior committed to sustain-ability through using Digital marketing tools.
SDGs support includes a wide range of activities and aspects that can be implemented in everyday life of every human in each country.


– Grenzenlos (former ICYE Austria) is part of an international youth exchange network (the ICYE Federation) and the oldest voluntary exchange organisation in Austria. ICYE was appointed as Peace Messenger by the UN in 1987 structures [ www.grenzenlos.or.at]
– Career Disha Nepal use online and offline solutions to bring independent and unbiased educational and career counselling tools and information to youth all over Nepal [www.careerdishanepal.org]
– Marketing Gate vision is a world without economic borders, where the humn rights will be protected and all discrimination will be eliminated.[www.marketinggate.org]
– Institute of New Technologies (INT) since 2004 has been working for the promotion, dissemination and collection of best practices among entrepreneurs and NGOs [www.newtechlodz.com]
– Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami

Project activities

A1: Kick-off meeting; Opening conference and Workshop.
Kick-off meeting will be dedicated to discuss starting point for analy-
sis, define dissemination strategy & schedule dissemination activities
and other action points.
11 participants = 5 partners * 2 participants + 1 support staff
Country of venue: Nepal

A2: Training or Trainers course [ToT]
ToT will generate the knowledge regarding sustainability and social
responsibility, providing youth with non-profit digital marketing „8Ps‟
mix and Social media tools focused on increasing the pressure on pub-
lic authorities and business sector for the implementation of SDGs
21 participants = 4 people from 3 partners [CDN; Marketing Gate and
TSDU] + 3 people from 2 partners [Grenzenlos and INT] + 3 people
working staff.
Country of venue: North Macedonia

A3: National Training Courses
All 5 consortium partners will organize their National training cours-
es. In all activities actively will be involved minimum 100 participants
(5 countries * 20 participants).
Place of venue: Austria; Nepal; North Macedonia; Poland and Uzbeki-

A4: Workshop & Final Conference & Evaluation Meeting
Workshop “My mYouth experience”
During the meeting partners will review progress of the last dissemi-
nation activities, results obtained thanks to the project, Final Report,
discuss Exploitation strategy and further possible collaboration.
11 participants = 5 partners * 2 participants + 1 support staff
Place of venue: Chirchik, Uzbekistan

Project Updates/Newsletters:
1st Newsletter
2nd Newsletter

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

Erasmus+ Programme