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Non-Formal Learning – not always easy to recognize, but all the more important


Name: Michael
Age: 20
Home-country: Austria
Volunteering experience: 10 months in Colombia in 2018-2019, two workcamps in Austria in 2020 as a camp leader
Volunteering programme: ICYE; workcamps

Michael has spent 10 months volunteering in Colombia. He worked in the office of ICYE Colombia and his tasks included for example administrative things and supporting Colombian volunteers going abroad and foreign volunteers staying in Colombia. Already there Michael decided that he definitely wants to keep going with volunteering also after his year abroad. After coming back to Austria, he started to be an active volunteer within Grenzenlos’ activities. For example, he shared his experience for other volunteers who were soon going to start their projects abroad and helped them to prepare. Then he also found an opportunity to take part in workcamps, and now he has worked as a camp leader in two workcamps.

Through his volunteering, Michael has learned many things, such as adapting, communication and group leading skills. This learning is very useful for him as a student of social and cultural anthropology, and it can also be a big advantage in many jobs. Volunteering has become an important part of Michael’s life and he will absolutely keep doing it in the future as well.

Listen to the extensive interview with Michael! He is sharing his volunteering experiences and thoughts about non-formal learning, focusing especially on his role as a camp leader.